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14-day or two-weekly contact lenses are particularly suitable for people who want to enjoy maximum comfort while spending a minimum on care. As they are changed more frequently than monthly lenses, fewer protein deposits are able to form on the lens surface.

Innovative materials such as silicone hydrogel guarantee both and excellent supply of oxygen and low moisture loss, which results in exceptional comfort and more flexibility and freedom to move. 14-day lenses offer perfect vision and have progressed significantly in recent years in terms of material and comfort. There are of course toric and presbyopia 14-day lenses available as well as spherical lenses of this kind. The qualities of these soft contact lenses meet the highest standards if they are treated and looked after properly. To ensure they are always sterile, 14-day lenses should never be worn for longer than the period specified by their manufacturer and should be disposed of when the recommended time is up.

Our 14-day lenses are mainly manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. You can choose from the Acuvue Advanced, the Acuvue 2 and the Acuvue Oasys. All the most important information about each 14-day lens is provided clearly and in detail in its product description.

To ensure your 14-day lenses are a success and that you don’t experience any problems wearing them, it is important to have a fitting done by a contact lens specialist (an ophthalmologist or optician) who has a test lenses available for you to try before you purchase lenses from us.

Many years of experience with 14-day lenses: discountlens by Urbach Optik partner Jacqueline Urbach played a crucial role in the development of a comfortable material for soft contact lenses. In addition to the soft lens material, Ms Urbach also invented the popular coloured lenses and possessed patents for both inventions.