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Experience that star status within with Ray Ban sunglasses for women and men

The brand Ray-Ban sells sunglasses with cult status. The glasses represent on-trend assurance and embody modernity across the decades. The breathtaking design not only presents you at your best, it also protects your eyes. Ray-Ban sunglasses combine fashion with function and meet individual requirements. The creative cult accessory gives your appearance a certain expressiveness, and so underlines your individuality. Every type of sunglasses has their very own characteristics. When you choose sunglasses, you should pay attention to the different types of glasses wearers. The aviator design, also known as pilot?s sunglasses, deliver a certain star feel, and Ray-Ban has a long tradition here. Sunglasses in panto-style visualise a charming retro-look with almost circular lenses, while wayfarer models guarantee coolness and that laid-back look.

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Ray-Ban pilot glasses with a long history

Ray-Ban developed the first sunglasses. In the 1920?s, US army pilots complained about blinding sunlight in their planes. The army awarded a contract to manufacture eyewear for flyers. The aim was to absorb the intensive blue of the sky as well as the UV radiation, to make flights more pleasant for pilots. And so the legendary fliers? sunglasses were born. The first Ray-Ban Aviator pilot sunglasses are much more than a pure fashion accessory, and to this day, they represent an innovative invention that meets the highest demands.