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Sunglasses from Polaroid for perfect vision in any light

The brand Polaroid develops sunglasses with Polarization Technology, which ensures efficient vision even in strong sunlight. The sunglasses are the absolute must-have item for every summer outfit, and underline your individual personality. So that you can shine with your Polaroid sunglasses, it?s important to find the right ones for you. The discountlens virtual mirror transfers the selected model onto your face and helps you choose your sunglasses. You can try on all the different versions easily and conveniently at home.

If you are looking for a certain brand of sunglasses, or you have an idea of a style of glasses in mind, then you can filter the different versions accordingly. Aviator design sunglasses are particularly on-trend, while wayfarer sunglasses are the most recognisable. Things get a little secretive and mysterious with cat eye-look sunglasses. Discover our wide range and buy your new Polaroid sunglasses easily online.

Sunglasses with polarised lenses

We recommend sunglasses as protection for the eyes, particularly for sports activites in the mountains or on the water. When light reflects off reflective surfaces, it moves in different directions. The vertical light ensures perception of colours and contrasts, while the horizontal light creates reflections that reduce visibility. Sunglasses with polarised Polaroid lenses reduce these reflections and so optimise your vision in sunshine.

Sunglasses without polarised lenses darken the surroundings due to their tinted lenses, however they don?t offer any protection against the harmful radiation. To do this, the polarised filter is combined with absorption of UV radiation, and so offers reliable protection against ultraviolet radiation. You can find your Polaroid sunglasses at great prices in the discountlens online store.