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Saline 360ml


Saline is a preservative-free saline solution for all contact lenses; high compatibility, for rinsing off all contact lenses, ideal for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes. Cooper Saline is a sterile, isotonic, pH neutral saline solution and does not contain any preservatives. Due to its high compatibility, it is ideally suited for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes. Saline can be used to rehydrate all soft contact lenses before disinfection and is ideal for rinsing all lenses before putting them back on. Cooper Saline is also used to dissolve tablets in which a saline solution with a pH of 7 is recommended.


Saline 360ml
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Cooper Vision Saline no longer available

The saline solution is no longer manufactured. As an alternative, we recommend Pura Saline.

PuraSaline 360ml solution

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