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This product is currently experiencing supply problems from the manufacturer. Please check if your desired quantity is available. If the desired quantity is not available, we listed an alternative product down below.

Refine One Step 360ml


Refine One Step is a single step for cleaning, disinfecting, neutralizing and storing all soft contact lenses. It contains a surface cleaner which is integrated in the hydrogen peroxide solution and is used in combination with the special enclosed lens container with catalyst disc. No preservatives Composition: Sterile, buffered hydrogen peroxide solution 3% with integrated cleaner.


Refine One Step 360ml
Care products
360 ml 1 lens case

Refine One Step we no longer manufacture

The manufacturer Cooper Vision has taken Refine One Step off the market. We recommend EasySept as an alternative. Cleaning, disinfection and handling are the same.

EasySept 360ml

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