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PureVision monthly lenses from Bausch&Lomb stand out due to low water content and very high oxygen permeability. Thanks to the stable material silicone hydrogel, the lens sits perfectly in the eye and is very comfortable to wear. This means that all lenses in the PureVision product family can easily be worn for 24 hours, and even for 30 days and nights after discussion with a contact lens specialist.

Spherical PureVision

In the discountlens by Urbach Optik range you will find PureVision for short-sightedness and far-sightedness, which are perfectly aligned with the needs of modern contact lens wearers, as they absorb virtually no tear liquid, prevent deposits making them comfortable to wear for 30 days. Thanks to the slightly aspherical design, you will see considerable more clearly, above all in twilight.

PureVision For Astigmatism

Naturally, we also offer the PureVision Toric for corneal curvature.


The latest generation of PureVision is the ground-breaking discovery of vision in HD quality - PureVision2. With their High Definition optics, PureVision2 contact lenses give crystal clear vision, as they reduce halation and glare, particularly in poor light conditions. This silicone hydrogel contact lens offers an advanced design, extraordinary comfort and very high oxygen permeability for extended wear up to 30 days and nights. With a thin, rounded edge, PureVision2 facilitates a gentle fine lens lid interaction for a soft, comfortable use. PureVision2 is one of the thinnest contact lenses on the market today, and is also very compatible spontaneously. Despite this, it is remarkably easy to handle.

You will find this revolutionary lens at discountlens by Urbach Optik as a spherical lens and toric lens in the practical boxes of 3 and 6 lenses.

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The individual products:

  • PureVision
  • PureVision Multifocal
  • PureVision Toric
  • PureVision2
  • PureVision2 for Astigmatism