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Oxysept Comfort - 240ml

Oxysept Comfort is no longer produced in this size as a single bottle. We recommend Oxysept Comfort 3x300ml as an alternative.
Oxysept Comfort - 90 Days
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The Oxysept Comfort disinfection solution: 3% hydrogen peroxide and designed to be used with the Oxysept Comfort neutralisation tablet. Oxysept Comfort Vitamin B12 neutralisation tablet: 0.1mg of catalase per tablet. Product description: Oxysept Comfort has no preservatives added to it at all. This rules out potential sources of irritation right from the outset and helps to enable the user to wear their lenses for long periods of time without any problems, maintaining the health of their eyes. Vitamin B12 is a substance used to heal the cornea in ophthalmology. The vitamin B12 in Oxysept Comfort acts as an indicator for users and ensures they don't forget the tablet. If the solution is carnation pink, all is well! Everything in one step: Disinfection and neutralisation in one step: The special way the neutralisation tablet works allows you to disinfect your lenses safely and reliably with a minimum of fuss on a daily basis, which is another important contribution to the health of your eyes.


Oxysept Comfort - 240ml
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240ml, 24 Tablets