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Opti-Free Care products

Opti-Free all-in-one solutions for your contact lenses

All-in-one solutions from Opti-Free combine the properties of all contact lens care products. They are suitable for rinsing and cleaning lenses to remove dust or other dirt. This means you can do without saline solution as they take over its function as a storage fluid. With Opti-Free, there’s no need for disinfection to remove smaller particles of dirt which have a negative effect on oxygen permeability of the lenses, otherwise carried out by a peroxide system And even eye drops can be replaced completely for some people by the gentle wetting of the all-in-one solution. This means Opti-Free really is the solution that can do it all!

Our range of contact lens care products from Opti-Free

At discountlens, you’ll find the three main ranges of Opti-Free all-in-one solutions. They differ mainly in the level of care provided and they build on each other. All the solutions are available in different sizes and multi-packs, as well as a travel set. If you are out and about a lot, or travelling, then we recommend the individually packages single-use solutions Multiactive Solution.

You’ll find the following Opti-Free solutions in our store: • Opti-Free Express: For cleaning, disinfecting, care and storage of contact lenses • Opti-Free RepleniSH: Also delivers extra moisture for your eyes • Opti-Free PureMoist: Even more caring, new version of RepleniSH, also suitable for sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers • Opti-Free Multiactive Solution: Small 10ml portions for travel

More from the manufacturer Alcon

Alcon is one of the biggest international manufacturers of contact lenses. They mainly supply several well-known brands of contact lenses, as well as various lens care ranges. Discover our wide selection of Alcon products!

Other Alcon lens care products at discountlens: • AOSEPT: Peroxide systems for deep cleaning of your contact lenses • Systane: Eye drops for treating dry, irritated or tired eyes

Alcon contact lens brands at discountlens: • Air-Optix: Extensive selection of monthly lenses with a wide range of functions • Dailies: The most popular daily lenses on the market • Freshlook: Coloured lenses to enhance and change your eye colour