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Discover the outstanding comfort of SofLens monthly lenses

If you don’t have problems with astigmatism or presbyopia, you can choose from the two main models in the SofLens.

Firstly, there’s the SofLens 38. As the name suggests, these monthly lenses have a relatively low water content of 38 percent. But that’s why they are particularly suitable for dry eyes, as they take in barely any of the eye’s tear fluid and so keep it moist. The thin design means they not only sit comfortably, unnoticed, in the eye, they are also very oxygen permeable. This means you can wear them, healthily, for a long time. The material polymacon is very resistant to deposits, making it very hygienic and thus perfect for sensitive eyes.

The material hilafilcon B in the SofLens 59 combats deposits. So, combined with the high water content of 59 percent, the surface of this monthly lens is always kept clean and hygienic. Hilafilcon B is also a very stable material, which nevertheless adapts well to the eye.

This makes handling much easier, above all for contact lens beginners. A slight blue colour, known as handling tint, helps this by making it clear if the contact lens is inserted wrongly. This version of SofLens monthly lenses is also known for its low price.

The slightly different monthly lenses from SofLens here at discountlens

For presbyopia, SofLens also offer monthly lenses in the form of multifocal lenses. SofLens Multifocal lenses offer all the benefits of the SofLens38, but they are varifocal lenses which correct presbyopia. Astigmatism can be corrected using SofLens Toric lenses.

If you are bored of normal contact lenses, want to try out a new look, or you want to bring out the colour of your own eye colour more strongly, you should explore SofLens Natural Colors These coloured lenses are available in nine intensive colours, and will definitely make your eyes a real head-turner!

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