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Extreme monthly lenses - find the right lens for anyone

In the monthly lens range from the brand Extreme you’ll find a wide selection of contact lenses for all requirements. The standard lens Extreme H2o 54% forms the basis for the rest of the range. They are made from the material hioxifilcon D which ensures the lens is continuously provided with moisture, and so the eyes do not become dry. The high water content of 54% can be fully exploited, and the eyes feel fresh and do not become tired quickly even in air-conditioned rooms or after longer periods of work at a screen. The standard design of extreme monthly lenses is available in two different sizes. The first, with a diameter of 14.2 mm is an average size, and the second is comparatively small at 13.6 mm. This makes this size ideal for anyone with particularly small or narrow eyes and also for young contact lens users.

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Based on the standard model, Extreme have developed toric lenses to correct astigmatism. These toric lenses are available under the name Extreme 54% Toric LC or MC and feature all the benefits of the Extreme H2o 54%.

For particularly sensitive, dry eyes, there’s Extreme H2o 59% Thin. As the name suggests, this particularly thin lens has a water content of 59 percent, so five percent more than the standard version. In addtion, the water is bound even better using the material mucin, and this also combats deposits of protein and lipids. This makes this monthly lens particularly hygienic and easy to tolerate.

As well as the same water content as the Thin model Extreme H2o 59% Xtra also contains mucin. This model is also very easy to tolerate, which is particularly important for the target users - contact lens beginners. Specially for them, the lenses are designed to be slightly thicker and so a little more robust. Even where the user is inexperienced in putting lenses in and taking them out, they will not tear, which often happens with thinner lenses. To make life even easier, the centre is raised slightly, so the lens is easier to put in, and beginners can devote themselves to getting used to wearing lenses without any issues.

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