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Contact Day monthly lenses - higher comfort level at lower prices

With Contact Day monthly lenses, the manufacturer Zeiss promises easy handling and a high level of comfort. They are hydrogel lenses made of the flexible material Ocufilcon F, which is particularly easy to tolerate and so very suitable for sensitive eyes and as a starter range for contact lens beginners. The lenses are soft, so they sit comfortably in the eye, but they are not too soft, so they feature pleasing stability and are easy to put in.

The slight blue colouring helps here too. The lens is easier to see and it is easy to spot if it is the wrong way round. Naturally, this does not affect your sight and the appearance of the colour of the eye is not changed either. The high water content of 55% to 60% means the lens is great to wear, the surface is continually wetted, which stops the eye becoming dry and prevents irritation. This also avoids deposits, which is a major advantage for sensitive eyes.

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The high oxygen permeability level of Contact Day monthly lenses makes then feel particularly natural is use, and promotes eye health, so they stay beautifully white. The UV blocker also protects the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays in sunlight, and so helps eye health (not a replacement for sunglasses). A particularly thin edge ensures that you do not feel the lens in the eye, and the eyelid is not hampered or disturbed when you blink.

If you suffer from a particularly severe sight issue, you’ll find help here. Spherical monthly lenses from Contact Day are available in strength -20.00 to +10.00, which means they cover an extremely wide range of dioptres. For astigmatism, Contact Day torische Linsen, die Contact Day Toric are available. Another benefit is the low price - order at discountlens and take advantage of the best deals too!

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