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Biofinity monthly lenses - the easiest way to perfect vision

Contact lenses in the Biofinity range are known for their Aquaform Technology. They also contain silicone hydrogel, a biocompatible material, and together this allows them to continually supply the eye with moisture and oxygen. The surface of the lens is particularly smooth and modelled on the eye itself, so that the eye is naturally moistened with every blink. Water molecules are also trapped in the interior of the eye, which makes them soft and flexible. One striking feature is the extremely high level of oxygen permeability.

Combined with the high water content and a rounded shape, the lens sits perfectly in the eye and feels very natural. This makes Biofinity monthly lenses highly tolerable and also really suitable for contact lens beginners, allergy sufferers and people with sensitive, dry eyes. In fact, they are so easy to tolerate that not only do they go beyond the usual 14 hours, they can actually be worn up to 30 days and 29 nights without a break! Please discuss this with your ophthalmologist or optician to rule out any personal risks.

Monthly lenses from Biofinity offer a solution for every problem

In the Biofinity monthly lens range, as well as classic contact lenses, you’ll find multifocal and toric lenses from Biofinity. Biofinity Toric monthly lenses correct astigmatism and Biofinity Multifocal and monthly lenses which deliver sharp vision in cases of presbyopia, thanks to Balanced Progressive technology.

If your sight issue is so severe that you have not been able find contact lenses in the past, then Biofinity XR will definitely be able to help you. They are the “extended range“ of standard lenses, covering strengths between +8.50 and +15.00 as well as -12.50 and -20.00 dioptres.

One very special version is Biofinity Energys. They have been designed specially for everyday digital life and made in line with the Digital Zone Optics design. They protect the eyes from getting tired or dry, even after long periods of work at a screen.

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