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Meni Care Pure 1x 250ml

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Menicare Pure

  • For the daily care of all stable (hard) contact lenses
  • All-in-One solution: a single solution for cleaning and storing
  • Only 30 minutes needed for cleaning and disinfection
  • High disinfection and cleaning performance with very good tolerability by the eyes at the same time


Menicare Pure from Menicon is an all-in-one solution for all stable (hard) contact lenses. It is ideally suited for daily cleaning, disinfection and storage. It is primarily characterised by its high tolerability due to the usage of natural instead of chemical preservatives. That makes it gentle on your eyes on contact with the care product and prevents dry eyes. The preservative used, polylysine, is particularly gentle and guarantees extremely effective disinfection of your contact lenses. Your contact lenses are clean, disinfected and ready to be used again in only 30 minutes. 

Easy application for hygienically clean contact lenses 

If you use Menicare Pure, you're on the safe side when it comes to the daily hygiene of your hard contact lenses. Menicare Pure only needs 30 minutes for the optimal removal of proteins and fats, as well as for thorough disinfection. After that the contact lenses can be worn again, or stay in the solution until the next day. Additional weekly intensive cleaning with Menicon PROGENT Intensive Cleaner is recommended. 

Daily cleaning with an effective combination of active ingredients 

In addition to the natural preservative polylysine, the all-in-one solution contains an effective combination of active ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) slightly thickens the solution and provides more wearing comfort once the contact lens has been settled in place. The fluid remains in the eye for a longer period of time and builds up a liquid buffer. Vitamin C glucoside stabilises the tear film and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Macrogolglycerol (HCO-60) is a well-tolerated cleaner and reliably removes protein and lipid deposits from the lens surface without irritating the eyes.


Meni Care Pure 1x 250ml
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1x 250ml