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Landmark ruling for Swiss consumers, Switzerland’s largest online retailer of contact lenses has today been exonerated of the charge of unfair competition and trademark infringement by Uster district court. The judgement marks a milestone for consumers in Switzerland.

Dübendorf, 10th September 2013., the leading online retailer of contact lenses in Switzerland takes price transparency seriously, which is why they published the prices of various contact lens brands on their website. The price comparison shows that the own brands of Switzerland’s largest chain of opticians “Visilab” are significantly more expensive than the practically identical branded lens from major lens manufacturers. “Visilab” was unappreciative of this consumer-friendly initiative and dragged Jacqueline Urbach, owner of the innovative online retailer before a judge.

Today, Uster district court has exonerated Urbach of the charge of unfair competition and infringing a trademark. The ruling has established that the price comparison shown by is lawful, contrary to the claim of “Visilab”. Jacqueline Urbach, Swiss contact lens pioneer, had this to say about the judgement: “I feel gratified that this case brought against us by sector giant, Visilab, has collapsed completely today in front of Uster district court.”

A victory for transparency with benefits for consumers

The ruling of Uster district court will have concrete and significant effects on the retail sector. In their oral verdict, the court determined that the Internet price comparisons made available by are lawful.

Furthermore, the activities of serve the purposes of transparency by identifying these hostile practices in a simple way. Jacqueline Urbach on the significance of the verdict: “Visilab was trying to prohibit price transparency in the contact lens sector through the courts and thereby prevent any form of healthy competition to the detriment of Swiss consumers. Today’s ruling from Uster regional court is therefore a victory for all consumers and strengthens us in our resolve to continue offering our customers the best products at great prices.”