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About the company

Discountlens by Vision Group AG guarantees services of excellent quality. Expert advice for customers is just as important a priority to us as the calibre of the products we provide. discountlens by Urbach Optik is the promise from an optical company with more than half a century of success and experience.

With extensive experience

discountlens has Vision Group AG behind it and therefore a touching success story and family history as well. We have been optical specialists for more than half a century. Reflecting on our past has inspired us to put Vision Group AG back in the foreground, and our name guarantees the quality of our services.

With a fascinating history

The birth of discountlens in 2004 wasn’t just a great business idea of the 21st century. Discountlens by Vision Group AG is the product of a long history that started in the 60s in America, when Jacqueline Urbach developed soft contact lenses using a material that was much thinner and stabler than previous materials. She later invented coloured contact lenses as well. Today we can look back on numerous patents – a solid foundation for our profession as contact lens specialists.

With you as our focus

You are in good hands when you opt for discountlens by Urbach Optik, because the company is built on Vision Group AG’s wealth of expertise and many years of experience. As our customer, you are the focus of all our efforts. For example, we offer you an extensive range of branded lenses and accessories with a 100% price guarantee. We also have a telephone advice service, which allows us to dedicate ourselves to taking care of your needs and answering any questions quickly and professionally.

With a vision

It goes without saying that contact lens distributors have vision. We promise you outstanding commitment when it comes to offering you fantastic service in addition to excellent quality. This guarantees absolute reliability, proactive, service-oriented thinking, and a high level of attention to our customer care.