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Shipping and costs

Shipping Service agents

Our delivery partners GLS and DHL

Our regular delivery partners are GLS and DHL. If you are not at home, the  courier will leave you a notification card indicating where the nearest  shop is. Your package will be dropped off there for you to collect. The package collection points are normally open until 20:00 and some are also open on Sunday.

DHL Pack stations

Our customers may enter a DHL pack station as an address. Pack stations are serviced daily only by DHL. 
Address a pack station like the following sample.
Joe Sample
12345678 >Enter the postal number in the field “Company”
Packstation 123 > Enter the pack station number in the field “Street and no.”
12345 Sample City
12345678 is the Post number of the pack station customer (the receiver) which is a fix number he has received. 


Shipping costs and Delivery Area

Delivery Area

Delivery within Germany, Austria, France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Ireland, Spain and Portugal

Shipping costs

We charge EUR 2.90 for shipping with GLS ande EUR 3.10 for shipping with DHL within Germany.

Customs and other charges

There are no additional costs.

Damaged goods

Even with the greatest care, parcels may be damaged. Of course we will always remburse you for goods that arrive damaged. We appreciate it, if you inform us immediately whenever you receive such goods. We can then inform the shipping agent.


If you want to use your right of revocation (Widerrufsrecht) Please note the special paragraph in the teachings of revocation (Widerrufsbelehrung). Returning merchandise without notification is not a true use of the right of revocation (Widerrufsrecht).
Please inform us by email or phone (0800 18 19 305) prior to shipping your items back.
Your return shipping address GLS:

GLS Depot 77
c/o Discountlens by Urbach Optik AG
Raiffeisenstrasse 52
DE-78166 Donaueschingen

Your return shipping address DHL:

Barth Spedition
c/o Discountlens by Urbach Optik AG
Raiffeisenstrasse 50
DE-78166 Donaueschingen

We thank you for your cooperation.