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Motif lenses (funlenses):

The fun lenses enhance and change the eye color. They also come with a variety of motives.

Set an optical tone with coloured contact lenses

No matter whether you just want to bring out your natural eye colour, or you want to completely change your eye colour for a themed party, Hallowe’en or Mardi Gras. At discountlens, you’ll find a wide range or different coloured and motif lenses, at great prices.

Temporary change of character with coloured and motif lenses

Coloured lenses can be divided into two different categories: Coloured lenses and motif lenses. Coloured lenses are available both with enhanced vision and without, which means they can be worn by users with and without impaired vision. We have a wide selection of different colours in our shop. Brown, blue, green or grey – we have the right colour for everyone. In contrast to coloured lenses, motif lenses come without any vision enhancement, which is why they are used purely to change the appearance. Despite the coloured surface on the contact lenses, there is no negative effect on your sight, as the small pupil area is transparent even in coloured contact lenses.

Most of the coloured contact lenses in our store can be worn for one month. However, some products are daily lenses. In contrast, the motif lenses are available as monthly lenses or yearly lenses. This means they can be worn for a longer period and can be worn on several occasions.

Buy fun lenses quickly and easily online

We stock coloured lenses from well-known contact lens brands such as Air Optix, Freshlook and Soflens. This means you can be sure they are of the highest possible quality and will not harm your eyes in any way.

So don’t delay, get your coloured contact lenses or fun lenses delivered to your home quickly and easily by courier. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us by phone or email.