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Delta Daily Cleaner 20ml


Delta Daily Cleaner from CooperVision®.

For daily cleaning of oxygen permeable hard contact lenses.

Your tear fluid naturally contains proteins; when you wear contact lenses, these proteins lose their original structure within a few hours and form a film on the surface of your contact lenses. Deposits can impair your visual acuity and irritate your eyes. For daily cleaning of dimensionally stable, oxygen permeable contact lenses, CooperVision® developed Delta Daily Cleaner.

Daily Cleaner from CooperVision®: Cleans gently and thoroughly

Delta Daily Cleaner from CooperVision® contains anionic and amphoteric surfactants that effectively remove proteins and lipids from your contact lenses - for clear vision and healthy eyes.

Want to extend the life of your contact lenses? Delta Daily Cleaner contains no abrasive cleaning particles - less abrasion reduces the risk of scratches and premature wear.

The Delta Daily Cleaner from CooperVision® contains no preservatives and is usually tolerated by sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers.

Once opened, Delta Daily Cleaner has a 90-day shelf life.

Clean your oxygen permeable hard contact lenses daily - with the preservative-free Delta Daily Cleaner from CooperVision®.


Delta Daily Cleaner 20ml
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20ml daily-cleaner solution

Delta cleaner is no longer available

Delta Cleaner is no longer produced by the manufacturer Cooper Vision. As an alternative, we recommend Total Care cleaner.

TotalCare Cleaner 2 x 15ml

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