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Coloured contact lenses are mainly worn for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. The only medical indication they may be used to alleviate is light sensitivity. Coloured contact lenses are ideal for anyone who wants to highlight a natural, expressive look. Coloured lenses offer countless options, regardless of what your eye colour is and whether you prefer subtle or deep colours. They are available as monthly or daily lenses and can be ordered as cosmetic lenses with no optical power or as corrective lenses.

There are basically two types of coloured contact lenses: lenses that emphasise the wearer’s natural eye colour and lenses that give their eyes an attractive new tone.

Our range of coloured lenses is extensive.

Benefit from our favourably priced offers, order your coloured lenses from discountlens by Urbach Optik online and capture the attention of those around you in the best possible way with your individualised look! All the most important information about each coloured lens is provided clearly and in detail in its product description.

To ensure your coloured lenses are a success and that you don’t experience any problems wearing them, it is important to have a fitting done by a contact lens specialist (an ophthalmologist or optician) who has a test lenses available for you to try before you purchase lenses from us.

Many years of experience with coloured lenses: discountlens by Urbach Optik partner Jacqueline Urbach played a crucial role in the development of a comfortable material for soft contact lenses. In addition to the soft lens material, Ms Urbach also invented the popular coloured lenses and possessed patents for both inventions.

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