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BIOTRUE ONEday 90 BIOTRUE ONEday 90 product image  From
BIOTRUE - 2 x 300ml BIOTRUE - 2 x 300ml product image Ø price per 100ml: EUR 3,33 From
BIOTRUE - ONEday for Presbyopia 30 BIOTRUE - ONEday for Presbyopia 30 product image  From
BIOTRUE ONEday 30 BIOTRUE ONEday 30 product image  From
Biotrue - 300ml Biotrue - 300ml product image Ø price per 100ml: EUR 3,97 From
Biotrue ONEday Toric 30 Biotrue ONEday Toric 30 product image  From
Biotrue EDO 10x0.50ml eye drops Biotrue EDO 10x0.50ml eye drops product image Ø price per 100ml: EUR 25,80 
BIOTRUE - ONEday for Presbyopia 90 BIOTRUE - ONEday for Presbyopia 90 product image  From
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Biotrue contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb

Biotrue is the brand inspired by the anatomy of the eye, from the manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, In product development, nature is the inspiration for numerous innovations. From swimwear like shark skin, sticky tape like a gecko’s feet, or displays inspired by the wings of the morpho butterfly – the best ideas are found in nature. This is why Biotrue, the most natural and so most easy to tolerate contact lens range ever, was developed using the template of the human eye.

Daily lenses for daily freshness and sterility

Biotrue contact lenses are daily lenses, which can be thrown away after a single use, and so you can enjoy daily freshness and sterility. In addition, you’re spared the trouble of storage, care and cleaning of your lenses - a major advantage, particularly when travelling. They are particularly pleasant in the eye, as they feature the same water content as the cornea, and the lenses are constantly moistened, just like with tears, and so they do not become dry.

An integrated UV filter protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet sunlight and the oxygen-permeable lens supports good eye health.

You’ll find the following Biotrue daily lenses at discountlens: • Biotrue ONEday: The standard model. particularly tolerable and convenient • Biotrue ONEday für Presbyopia: Also corrects presbyopia • Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism: Also corrects astigmatism

Care products for your contact lenses from Biotrue

Biotrue care products are inspired by the eye. With similar properties to tears, they care for and clean the lenses, thoroughly and gently. The natural ingredient hyaluronate, for example, ensures that moisture is preserved, by forming a kind of cushion of water molecules around the lens. The solutions also help the natural tear proteins to clean themselves, which means the lens remains clean and comfortable in the eye.

You’ll find the following Biotrue care products at discountlens: • Biotrue: All-in-one solution with moisture-adding hyaluronate • Biotrue EDO: Eye drops in ampoules for single use while out and about • Biotrue MDO 10ml Eye Drops

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