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Biofinity Contact lenses

Contact lenses from Biofinity

Biofinity contact lenses are the family of products from Cooper Vision which are particularly suitable for an active lifestyle. For one, replacing these lenses monthly is easier than daily and secondly, they can also be worn for an extraordinarily long time without a break. This is possible because of the bio-compatible material silicone hydrogel. It is particular easy to tolerate because of its eye-like properties, and it does not trigger an irritation in the eye

But it is particularly well-known because of its extremely high level of oxygen permeability, which allows your eyes to “breathe”, as if you were not wearing lenses at all. This helps preserve good eye health. In addition, Biofinity contact lenses come with “Aquaform Technology”. On the one hand, this allows a natural, high-level of wetting of the lens surface, which remains intact even after multiple uses, and so counteracts drying of the lenses. In addition, the unique shape of the lens stops the lens rubbing on the eye and any resultant irritations.

Biofinity monthly lenses

Monthly lenses can be worn for a whole month, and only need to be replaced after this time. This makes then particularly suitable for you if you want to wear lenses a lot, or do without glasses completely. They do need to be stored in an All-In-One or saline solution and disinfected now and again with a deep cleaner, such as a peroxide system, However, they have the advantage that they are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than the alternative of daily replacement.

At discountlens, you’ll find the following monthly lenses from Biofinity: • Biofinity: Outstanding comfort and can be used for extremely long periods • Biofinity Energys: For modern everyday life with long periods at a screen • Biofinity XR: Extended dioptre range for particularly severe sight weakness • Biofinity Multifocal: Multifocal lenses, to counteract age-related long sightedness • Biofinity Toric: Toric lenses, to compensate for astigmatism