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Your ophthalmologist or optician will recommend multifocal contact lenses if you are suffering from presbyopia, which occurs when your short-range vision deteriorates as you get older. Unlike conventional contact lenses, which can only correct short-sightedness or long-sightedness, since 1982 multifocal lenses have offered clear vision for different distances. Multifocal lenses are divided into segmented bifocal lenses and concentric multifocal lenses. There are alternating and simultaneous multifocal lenses, and it is also possible to have one eye corrected for long distances and the other for short distances. In addition to the anatomical circumstances, the method chosen in each individual case will depend on the visual requirements and occupation of the patient, and it is important that the contact lens specialist advising the patient has a lot of experience.

Even if a patient has a cataract operation, he or she could choose whether the lens to be implanted is a lens that is just for distance or a multifocal lens. The latter option is used by doctors very rarely, however.

It is always worth comparing multifocal lens prices with those of varifocal glasses and even two different pairs of single-strength glasses. Multifocal contact lenses are the best alternative to glasses. The latest lens technology ensures that multifocal lenses are able to correct poor eyesight successfully and offer high comfort levels at the same time.

Our range of multifocal lenses is extensive. You can choose from the Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal or the Dailies Progressives from Alcon (formerly CibaVision). Our most popular monthly lenses are the Air Optix Aqua Multifocal for from Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision), the Proclear Multifocal from CooperVision and the PureVision Multi-Focal from Bausch & Lomb.

You can of course also find other reasonably priced multifocal lenses in our online store that are supplied by their original manufacturers.

Conveniently order your multifocal lenses from discountlens by Urbach Optik online after browsing our store and comparing the benefits and prices of the different toric lenses available. All the most important information about each multifocal lens is provided clearly and in detail in its product description.

To ensure your multifocal lenses are a success and that you don’t experience any problems wearing them, it is important to have a fitting done by a contact lens specialist (an ophthalmologist or optician) who has a test lenses available for you to try before you purchase lenses from us.

Many years of experience with multifocal lenses: discountlens by Urbach Optik partner Jacqueline Urbach played a crucial role in the development of a comfortable material for soft contact lenses. In addition to the soft lens material, Ms Urbach also invented the popular coloured lenses and possessed patents for both inventions.