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Bifocal and Multi-Focal Lenses

Multi-function contact lenses for professional correction of presbyopia

For may people after a certain age, a natural process starts which gradually weakens the elasticity and accommodation ability of the eye’s lens. This age-related sight issue, also known as presbyopia, severely reduces the eye’s ability to adapt at close range. However, multi-focal contact lenses can correct this issue professionally, and restore sharp vision.

Multi-focal lenses – the alternative to varifocal glasses

Multi-focal lenses are the ideal alternative to varifocal glasses as they improve the sharpness of vision both at night and at distance, and support the ability of the eyes to see depending on the distance. These lenses allow active users such as sports people to move without any restrictions and no glasses. But these multi-focal lenses also offer permanent users or occasional users greater flexibility in all areas of life.

Handling multi-focal lenses is the same as toric lenses or other kinds of lenses. They should also be stored in a special lens case overnight and disinfected with cleaning solution and kept moist. This guarantees a higher level of hygiene, and the eye is also less prone to any irritations which can be caused by dirt or other foreign bodies.

Low-price multi-focal contact lenses from well-known brands

Multi-focal lenses also come in a wide range of designs. Whether as daily lenses, 14-day lenses or monthly lenses - the high quality gives you a particularly high level of comfort and simple handling with regard to care and hygiene of the lenses. So that we can guarantee this high standard, we rely on well-known manufacturers for our multi-focal lenses, as well as all the other lenses in our shop. For example, you’ll find multi-focal contact lenses from Dailies, PureVision and Soflens.

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