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AOSEPT Care products

Contact lens care solution from AOSEPT

The brand AOSEPT from the manufacturer Alcon specialises in peroxide systems. These deep cleaners are designed to work alongside daily cleaning of contact lenses with All-In-One or saline solutions, to remove even the smallest deposits from the surface of the contact lens. This is not only important to help avoid irritation with sensitive eyes or allergy sufferers, as lipid deposits also impair oxygen permeability of lenses, which can damage eye health in the longer term.

AOSEPT peroxide systems are a one-step system. The peroxide solution is neutralised by a catalyst and the lenses do not have be put into a second solution. Peroxide systems are particularity gentle and preservative-free and so they are suitable for more sensitive eyes. The Moisture Matrix technology in AOSEPT PLUS with Hydraglyde is particularly worth mentioning.

They keep the eyes wetted at all times by binding water molecules to the surface of the lens, which then lie around the lens like a cushion of moisture. This protects your eyes from drying out, and the comfort level lasts even longer due to the deep cleaning action!

More from the manufacturer Alcon

AOSPET lens solutions are produced by the major contact lens manufacturer Alcon As the world’s leading brand in eye care, Alcon set themselves the objective to develop all the products you need to improve, preserve or restore vision. Naturally, at discountlens we stock many of these brands in various product groups.

Another brand of lens care solution is Opti-Free. for example. The brand is mainly known for their contact lenses. We stock their brands Air Optix, Dailies, Focus Dailies and Freshlook Explore the whole product range at discountlens!