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Complete All-in-one solutions

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Complete all-in-one solutions – the cleanest form of contact lens care

At the development stage of Complete RevitaLens all-in-one solution, international experts worked together to create a breakthrough in contact lens care: An all-in-one combi solution, which disinfects as deeply as a peroxide solution. Studies have proven that 99.99% of bacteria and 85% of protein and lipid deposits were removed. This is possible due to a double-active formula, which contains disinfectant and buffer substances. This means there is no need for inconvenient use of peroxide solutions. Using an all-in-one solution such as Complete all-in-one solution is also perfect for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive eyes, to help avoid irritation.

These users, in particular, will also benefit from the integrated wetting system, as it continually ensures that the lens remains moist, to maintain comfort. This guarantees a high level of tolerability, and promotes eye health.

Complete all-in-one solutions - more from Abbot Medical Optics at discountlens

If you like the Complete RevitaLens all-in-one solution, have a look at our other products from the manufacturer Abbot. If, for example, you would like a combi alternative, we recommend Ultrazyme,a protein remover in tablet form. Oxyseptis a deep-cleaning peroxide cleaner. If you only need a saline solution to rinse your lenses, Abbott can offer Lens Plus OcuPure. But if you only use your contact lenses occasionally after refreshing and care, have a look at the eye drops Blink contacts or Allergan Refresh Contacts